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Vendor Dell EMC
Exam Code E20-807
Full Exam Name VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions Exam
Certification Name VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions

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Version: 8.0
Question: 1

Based on the Array Utilization Dashboard shown in the exhibit, a frontend port is showing higher
utilization on Director 1.
How can this situation be corrected?
A. Add another engine to provide for Frontend Emulation CPUs
B. Redistribute the workload onto other available ports
C. Increase cache on the engine
D. Add additional capacity to support the frontend workload
Answer: B 
Question: 2

Please check the option that best describes your relationship with Dell EMC.
A. Dell EMC Employee
B. Dell EMC CustomerPartner
C. Other
Answer: B 
Question: 3

Please enter your Powerlink Username below. If you do not have a Powerlink Username or do not
know your Powerlink Username enter none.
Powerlink Username: ________________
Answer: John_Doe 
Question: 4

SRDF/Metro has been deployed. What is the state and external identity of the R2 devices after initial
synchronization has completed?
A. State: Read/WriteIdentity: R1 Identity
B. State: Read/WriteIdentity: Original Identity
C. State: Write DisabledIdentity: Original Identity
D. State: Write DisabledIdentity: R1 Identity
Answer: A 
Question: 5

What is requirement when setting up a Composite Group (CG) for SRDF/Star in an open systems
A. Composite Group is created with the Star Build CG action
B. Composite Group is created with the type set to ANY
C. Recovery group assignments should match the recovery groups defined in the Star Options file
D. Names assigned to RDF groups match the site names in the Star Options file
Answer: C