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Question: 9
You start a conversation with a new client discussing products and solutions without first understanding the customer's desired business outcomes. What is likely to be the outcome of this meeting?
A. You will have to reschedule another meeting to go over their needs.
B. You will be less likely to know whether this is a solid sales opportunity or to get a second meeting.
C. You will lose the business to a competitor.
D. You will propose solutions to problems that may not exist
Answer:  D
Question: 10

What is a critical step before visiting with a potential customer for the first time?
A. researching which solution best fits the customer needs
B. preparing a proposal
C. preparing discovery questions
D. exploring the client's existing infrastructure
Answer: C 
Question: 11

Which goal indicates that a customer is an ideal candidate for an HPE hybrid infrastructure solution?
A. the goal to refresh the data center infrastructure
B. the goal to add stable, pre-defined IT resources
C. the goal to make IT a trendsetter
D. the goal to make IT a business enabler
Answer:  D
Question: 12

What storage solution creates a dynamic and easily managed pool of block storage that customers can scale in any direction and move data freely across locations?
A. NAS (network attached storage)
B. SAN (storage area network)
C. DAS (direct attached storage)
D. VSA (virtual storage appliance)
Answer: A 
Question: 13

A customer is focused on reducing operating costs. What benefit of adopting an HPE hybrid infrastructure should you emphasize?
A. the ability to leverage existing infrastructure
B. the automation of many maintenances and provisioning tasks
C. the shift to a CAPEX-based funding model with HPE Flexible Capacity
D. the nature of public cloud as a CAPEX-based resource
Answer:  A
Question: 14

Given the trend in IT spending, which is the most productive conversation that you can have with c-level executives?
A. a conversation about the dangers of mobility and BYOD
B. a conversation about the terminology related to hybrid infrastructure
C. a conversation about business and financial concerns and goals
D. a conversation about the importance of DevOps
Answer: D
Question: 15

What are advantages of clients using private cloud solutions? (Select three.)
A. ability to maintain data sovereignty
B. reduced security concerns
C. reduced complexity
D. reduced staffing needs
E. ability to maintain control of the infrastructure
Answer:  BCE
Question: 16

Given the IT needs of businesses today, which main weakness has been exposed to traditional IT environments?
A. They are run by staff who tend to focus on high-level strategy and ignore technical details.
B. They change too quickly and are unstable
C. They are too rigid and inflexible.
D. They are designed based on desired business outcomes rather than infrastructure needs.
Answer: C 
Question: 17

When you are meeting with a customer who is comparing your solutions against the competition, what is the best way to convince them that HPE is the best solution?
A. Compare and contrast HPE solutions and their competitors.
B. Match the solution to the critical KPIs they use as determining factors.
C. Emphasize the services component of the solution rather than doing a hardware comparison.
D. Present a solution that is cheaper than the competition.
Answer: C