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Question: 11
When you activate a procedure, in which schema is the procedure stored?
Answer: B  
Question: 12

You want to create a graphical calculation view using the SAP HANA studio. Which steps are mandatory for this task?
A. Define a projection.
B. Write an SQL script.
C. Save and activate the view.
D. Define output fields.
E. Choose a data source.
Answer: C, D, E
Question: 13

You have a Web Intelligence report that requires data from SAP HANA filtered for a specific year. Where do you apply the filter for optimal performance?
A. In the universe
B. In the Web Intelligence report
C. In the analytic view
D. In the calculation view using an attribute value variable
Answer: C
Question: 14

What is the lowest level of granularity you can use in an analytic privilege?
A. An attribute
B. A view
C. An attribute value
D. A column
Answer: C 
Question: 15

What must you configure to directly access an SAP HANA analytic view using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis edition for Microsoft Office?
A. RFC connection
B. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)
C. Pre-delivered MODELING role
D. System DSN
Answer: D
Question: 16

Which of the following are characteristics of an operational data mart based on SAP HANA?
A. It is based on analytic denormalized data models
B. It uses real-time replication of time-critical data
C. It runs directly on top of the operational data
D. It persists transformed data
Answer: B, C
Question: 17

You have created an MS Excel report on SAP HANA data.
On which of the following could you store the Excel file and make it available for other users?
A. Shared network drive
B. SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool
C. SAP HANA database
D. SAP HANA studio Content node
Answer: A  
Question: 18

How can you improve the performance of a report that is based on SAP HANA data?
A. Ensure that all SAP HANA tables are in the same schema.
B. Maintain appropriate constraint filters in SAP HANA.
C. Ensure that all calculations are pushed down to the SAP HANA database.
D. Gather new database statistics.
Answer: B, C
Question: 19

What is an example of a selective data load using SAP Landscape Transformation?
A. Selected data field values are randomized and loaded into SAP HANA.
B. Selected units or currencies are converted into recalculated amounts or values and loaded into SAP HANA.
C. Selected data for transformation is split into portions.
D. Selected data for a range of years is loaded into SAP HANA.
Answer: D
Question: 20

Which connection type is required from the SAP ERP system to SAP HANA to enable CO-PA side by side scenario?
A. HTTP connection
C. Secondary database connection
D. Remote Function Call
Answer: C