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Vendor Fortinet
Exam Code NSE8_810
Full Exam Name Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 Written Exam (810)
Certification Name Fortinet Network Security Expert
Technology Network Security

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Latest Fortinet NSE8_810 Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 1
What can an administrator do if a client has been incorrectly Period Blocked?
A. Disconnect the client from the network
B. Manually release the IP from the temporary Blacklist
C. Nothing, it is not possible to override a Period Block
D. Force a new IP address to the client.
Answer: B 
Question: 2

When generating a protection configuration from an auto learning report what critical step must you
do before generating the final protection configuration?
A. Restart the FortiWeb to clear the caches
B. Drill down in the report to correct any false positives.
C. Activate the report to create t profile
D. Take the FortiWeb offline to apply the profile
Answer: B 
Question: 3

How does an ADOM differ from a VDOM?
A. ADOMs do not have virtual networking
B. ADOMs improve performance by offloading some functions.
C. ADOMs only affect specific functions, and do not provide full separation like VDOMs do.
D. Allows you to have 1 administrator for multiple tenants
Answer: D 
Question: 4

You are configuring FortiAnalyzer to store logs from FortiWeb.
Which is true?
A. FortiAnalyzer will store antivirus and DLP archives from FortiWeb.
B. You must enable ADOMs on FortiAnalyzer.
C. To store logs from FortiWeb 5.6.0, on FortiAnalyzer, you must select “FrotiWeb 5.4”.
D. FortiWeb will query FortiAnalyzer for reports, instead of generating them locally.
Answer: B 
Question: 5

Which of the following would be a reason for implementing rewrites?
A. Page has been moved to a new URL
B. Page has been moved to a new IP address
C. Replace vulnerable functions.
D. Send connection to secure channel
Answer: A