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Vendor Nokia
Exam Code NCM_20002021610
Full Exam Name NCSS SDM ONE NDS OaM-TSH-16.0
Certification Name Nokia Networks

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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

What is a hanging reference?
A. A situation where a particular DN is present on two BEDSAs.
B. A situation where the IMSI/MSISDN alias of a subscriber exists but the actual subscriber data is
C. situation where a reference to DN exists in the RDSA, but the DN itself is missing in the BEDSA.
D. A situation where a DN is present in the BEDSA but missing in the RDSA.
Answer: A 
Question: 2

Which of the following is a way to retrieve the queries/updates processed per sec by a RD5/BDS
A. With command 'ndsLoadStats' as sdfrun user.
B. With command 'nds loadStats' as sdfrun user.
C. From af03_stats_log under /opt/sdf/log.
D. From the file load_stats_log.xml under /opt/sdf/log/<date>.
Answer: B 
Question: 3

What should be upgraded first - OneNDS AEP or the application Front End?
A. Both can be upgraded together.
B. OneNDS AEP should be upgraded first followed by the FE.
C. FE should be upgraded first followed by the AEP.
D. It does not matter in which order the upgrade is done.
Answer: A 
Question: 4

How is the housekeeping of log files managed on RDS/BDS nodes?
A. With the script tidy.files.sh.
B. By the process ALMOG.
C. It is the responsibility of ADM to perform housekeeping.
D. Manually.
Answer: C 
Question: 5

Which of the following is NOT true with respect to Emergency backup?
A. EMCY backup has to be taken manually via ADM GUI when needed, daily backup is taken every
day on the system at a pre-determined time.
B. EMCY backup is written in the path /opt/sdf/backup/emergency-backup.
C. EMCY backup is not subject to housekeeping (not automatically deleted till the next EMCY backup
is taken).
D. EMCY backup is a terminology used for normal daily backup taken during EMCY situations.
Answer: A

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Latest Nokia NCM_20002021610 Exam Questions and Answers: